General Maintenance





MOT Prep Work

Starter/ Alternator


Labour Rates Only

Engine Oil Service

(Change Oil & Filter)


Engine service W/O Cambelt

(Change Plugs, Oil, Air & Fuel Filter & Oil)


Labour Rates Only

Track Rod End Change

(Vauxhall Vectra 96-02) £5.00

Ball Joint Change

(Vaux Astra 98-03) £10.00

Track Contol Arm Change

Vauxhall Vectra (96-02) £15.00

Prices vary on amount of work to be done

However below is an example of work done on a VW Passat 2001

Labour Rates only

Change lower control arm (£15.00), upper Ball joint (10.00), Rear brake discs & Pads (£20.00), Front Brake hose & Bleed (£10.00), 2 Part Worn (Used ) tyres (£30.00 Both)

Total £85.00

Labour Rates Only

Example Based on BMW E36 M3 Evolution 99

Front Brake Pads £10.00

Front Brake Pads With Discs £20.00

Rear Brake Pads £10.00

Rear Brake Pads With disc £20.00

Rear Brake Shoes £20.00

Brake Shoes fitted with Rear Discs & Pads £15.00

Exhausts although made using strong metals and alloys are a delicate area of vehicle maintenance as they are prown to rust. The exhaust may look fine from the outside but internally may have rusted through so when fitting one piece it may cause the next piece to brake.  Beside this dilemma another troublesome area of the exhaust are the bolts/nuts, which can again rust and brake when, removing.

Due to these reasons it’s very hard to quote a price for repair however below is a past example of work carried out.

BMW E30 325i Touring 1991 Down pipe supply and fitted.

Cost of pipe £45.00 (2 year warranty) Fitting £15.00 Total cost £60.00

One of the fiddliest areas of car maintenance, often only held on by 2 or 3 bolts but getting to a starter motor or alternator may be a mission in itself. Some are removed from the top of the car some from underneath, and sometime the whole engine has to be shifted to one side to allow passage. Therefore once again quoting a price can be difficult.

Below is an example of past work carried out

Labour Cost Only

Honda Accord 2.0i 1999 change alternator £10.00

Rover 75 1.8turbo change starter Motor £10.00