Vehicle Diagnostics & Fault Finding

Diagnostic/Fault Finding


All modern vehicles have a central computer system built in which stores fault codes as and when they occur. This computer system enables the vehicles to run smoothly and correct itself as it runs most of the time the system runs problem free but when a fault occurs the vehicle engine management light comes on and it may enter a ‘limp home mode’ if it detects there is a fault which make cause further damage if the car is left to run normally.

We can reset this light and check the engine management system for any faults that have been stored; there may be an intermittent fault with your car that comes and goes or a permanent fault. Our computer system will check the engine management system to find outs which area the fault is so we can correct it. (Please note no diagnostic system tells you what the fault is it only tells you which area the fault is or that sensor is giving an incorrect reading). We can then pursue the fault and with further investigation diagnose what the problem is then erase the fault code in the vehicles engine management system and run the vehicle to see if the fault has gone.


Diagnostic test Level One


Running a Engine management test for fault codes only with no further investigation and giving you a list of codes detected and there meaning. Including erasing the codes (at customer’s request) and rerunning engine management diagnostic test.


Normal Price £20.00 our special offer price £10.00


Diagnostic test Level Two


As Level one but spending 30 minutes conducting other tests to try to narrow down the area of fault.


Normal Price £40.00 our special offer Price £20.00


NON engine management diagnostic Test


This service is to find any other fault/s with the vehicle for example if the vehicle has a knocking/rattling noises coming from it or is making any other untoward noises. We will spend 30 minutes trying to diagnose the fault however if we feel further time is need we will continue for an extra 30 minutes at no extra cost to the customer.


Normal Price £20.00 our special offer price £10.00

Prices for Diagnostics