Vehicle Welding

Other Welding

Some older cars may require welding to panels underneath the car such as sills or back panels where road salts and moisture have corroded them through. Although the vehicle may look quite clean above the sill line there may be welding required to the undersill to get the car through the MOT.

We offer a car welding service which generally entails grinding back the corroded area so bare metal, then a metal plate made roughly to the shape of the corroded area is welded to the vehicle.

This process is then followed by a coating of under seal to blend in the welding to the rest of the underside of the vehicle which further safeguards the repaired area against any future corrosion.

We really can’t quote a price for this service however below is a price from a previous job.

Vauxhall Astra Estate boot spare wheel well one plate 60cm x 10cm welded for £30.00

Welding is a process not just used in Vehicle maintenance and repair it’s used throughout the world for many different applications. Welding is just the name of the process of joining 2 metal pieces together using extreme heat.

In the past for our long standing customers we have welded a string of items such as Iron Gates, old Trailers, Lawn mowers, green houses doors, machinery, wheelchairs bicycles and just about anything made of metal which has come apart.

In this time of austerity rather than throwing away and replace its just plain common sense to try fix and repair instead.

If you require anything fixing please email us or call us for a quote.