Mileage Correction

Mileage correction has become increasingly popular as most vehicles come with digital mileage odometers.  

Like every piece of electrical equipment with increased use they do develop faults and have to be changed. 

Most digital odometers store the mileage in the odometer itself, therefore if you change it you will need to change the mileage to what you think or believe the correct mileage was on your vehicle.

We offer both services removal and fitting new clocks and changing the mileage to what we are told is the vehicles correct mileage.

Mileage Correction


Fitting new Clocks               £20.00

Changing Mileage without removing clocks                   £30.00

Changing Mileage with removing clocks                                    £50.00

Proof of ownership and/or Driving Licence may have to be provided to have mileage corrected.

Please Note: If we suspect that we are being asked to change the mileage to deceive any member of the public or any institution whether for financial gain or not we will refuse to change the mileage and report the matter to the relevant authorities.